Would you know if there’s a schrader valve in there so I can do it myself? -Calculate the gauge pressure from the voltage readings: PSIG = (375 *, -On a legacy controlled system verify that the voltage readings convert to the. From my Googling, I know a dirty condenser, non-condensibles in the system or refrigerant overcharge are likely suspects, but given what the tech has told us, I could only think non-condensibles would be feasible since he said the condenser looked fine and just filled up the system to refrigerant specs. With almost all air conditioners if you are home to hear and turn the unit off when running high pressure that is great and you have saved your unit, but if you are not at home to hear the problem for days then it could ruin your AC unit. If you feel the temperature in your house is getting higher, it may be because of heat pump fan not spinning, and therefore, heat pump not cooling. It sounded like a generator sound that would last for 45 seconds before shutting off. I know in previous posts you say that bad high pressure and low pressure switches are rare. Steve. Hi Gary! I can't imagine it being a charge issue, at least not on our part, I believe we only had to add about 5 ounces to the one unit and if I remember correctly 13 ounces to the other, I'll have to look and see. Another cause could be a bad TXV valve where the TXV valve is not opening enough and causing a restriction in your system. I brought in a local contractor who said the unit was undercharged and we needed to change the capacitor, that work done. Would need gauges to check this. The question would be what is causing the compressor to stop working in the middle of a cycle. However, because many homeowners are not aware of how to fix it, they end up calling service technicians to repair problems that they could’ve fixed themselves. Glad to hear that you found and fixed the problem with little expense! So sorry to hear that this happened to you! I hope you can find out if you really have a pressure switch problem or not soon. Steve. Heat Pumo high pressure switch [ 1 Answers ] Heat will work fine through a cycle but after it completes cycle it goes off on the high pressure switch. Steve, Hi Steve, We have a Lennox residential AC split system, about 6 years old. 4. Evacuate and recharge. Steve, Steve, Hi, thank you very much this forum there is a lot of useful info on here. If you are looking for an HVAC products supplier that will treat you the way you should be treated, turn to us. Steve. The amperage should not be over the FLA (full load amp) or RLA (running load amps) for the motor. They capped the York unit and its now sitting on the slab. he came out again last night and says that the compressor etc needs replacing and it is going to cost another $900.00 after last years $795.00 he charged to work on it and when he disconnected the high pressure switch, Hi Danna! It is a new installation and appears there is not enough cfm passing through this 3 ton unit ( by my calculations only about 900cfm) – Would or could that cause the high pressure situation? okay. If I get a new condenser what if their is a leak in the liquid lines? I’m starting to wonder if the reversing valve is getting erratic. I am not familiar with the Goodman GSC13 unit that you have. It’s our 25th Anniversary! We are Accredited Better Business Members with an A+ Rating! Whether you need furnace ignitors, AprilAire filters, EZ Flex filters, or another kind of HVAC merchandise, we want to serve you. The compressor is Coperland scroll ZR34K3-PFV-130 A new Evap coil (RCSA … Reduce charge. I jumped the thermostat to see if my thermostat was the problem and that didn’t trigger the outside unit to come on. Is there a way to replace the switch without draining the system? Turn off the power and clean with a garden hose. Steve. What do you think? My warranty company provided a Goodman when I wanted a York. We have not heard any buzzing from the attic. Here is the sad, confusing, frustrating story…, We heard a buzzing noise coming from our attic unit, called some A/C folks, they sent their tech out and he said we were low on refrigerant by about 25%. Steve. • Check TXV bulb clamp. The system is over-charged with refrigerant. Air should come out of the top of your unit. He said he can fix and replace the HPS but will be a lot of work and costly? Slow or dragging fan motor. The tables below contain the lists of possible breakdowns which may happen with Rheem heat pumps of different modifications. -Check charge level. Australia's favourite name in hot water since 1939. We sell furnace parts, air conditioning parts, AprilAire filters, EZ Flex filters, and many other HVAC parts and supplies at affordable prices. It is the labor that can be costly. Perfect! A day or so later, when then hear a buzzing sound, but now coming from the outside unit. If the compressor is hot then this could be caused by a dirty condenser coil, a fan motor that is cutting out or running slow, (not up to speed) running low on refrigerant, a restriction in the refrigeration cycle or a faulty TXV valve. • Thermostat out of calibration - set too high. Now, it’s their building, their unit; they vacuum coils and replace filters annually, and we have a working circuit breaker in the apartment (and renters’ insurance). -Outdoor ambient is above 125 # F. Allow unit to cool and condensing pressure to reduce before restarting. After a while now the fan in the outside unit only partially works. I have a Ducane split system heat pump. I check outside at the contactor and it is in the disengaged position (closed circuit). - Outdoor ambient is below 0*F. Allow unit to heat up and evaporating pressure increase before restarting. -Outdoor ambient is above 125 # F. Allow unit to cool and condensing pressure to reduce before restarting. The control board on my ac/heat pump shows a high pressure switch fault. In supply air stream, out of calibration, Poor system control using capillary tubes, Adjust air flow to 400 CFM [188.8 L/s]/Ton, Recover charge, install filter-drier, evacuate system, recharge, Remove restriction in liquid line Correct the refrigerant charge, Misapplication of internally equalized valve, Remove external equalizer line restriction, Loss of charge from power head sensing bulb, Charge migration from sensing bulb to power head (Warm power head with warm, wet cloth. Most of the time to replace the valve a new one has to be brazed into place. It also sounds super loud when the heat kicks in, like someone slamming a door. The Evaporator thermistor is a 10k thermistor. -Cycle power - remove power until all the lights on the inverter have gone out. We hope you can easily find and fix the problem. Problem: My outdoor air conditioning unit’s high pressure switch trips ever so often. Thanks so much for asking the question. Hi! Is there any specific reason to that? I would try checking the capacitor and clean the coil first since they are the least expensive fixes. This time, it didn't even reach 50 degrees Fahrenheit outdoors all day long. Air should come out of the top of your unit. Too hot to touch means that you probably need a new motor. Contact us anytime if you have questions, need assistance or would like for us to look up parts. Find the most common problems that can cause a Rheem Furnace not to work - and the parts & instructions to fix them. Please see the video that we have on the following page: https://arnoldservice.com/problem-my-air-conditioners-contactor-will-not-engage-i-am-not-getting-24-volts-to-the-contactor-to-make-it-engage-what-could-be-the-problem/ It shows how to test the contactor coil to make sure it is getting voltage. If you have any other questions please feel free to email us at support@arnoldservice.com or comment in the comments section below. View Detail . 5. I know its 248 “coming in” because there are three wires, white, black, and a gnd. Faulty high-pressure switch tripping without having high pressure. then after storm passed unit would not cool. Fan speed ok, coils clean,filter non restrictive,ducts, no damage. A blockage in the refrigeration cycle. -Charge migration could have occurred resulting in high compression ratio. Top-quality, Rheem products with the latest technology, dependable performance, great warranties and excellent service. 3. • Air, noncondensibles, or moisture in system. If your TXV is not working correctly it can cause the compressor to overwork, overheat, and go off on thermal overload. I hope you can easily find and fix the problem. I have a 5 month old Rheem Heat Pump with gas backup and I have a question about the compressor lockout temperature setting. I hope that it will go away. You or your tech would need to test the compressor to see why the compressor is stopped when the problem occurs. I hope that when you say, “trip” that you are referring to the high pressure switch and not the circuit breaker. But it does not throw any codes when it’s running on cool and it cools well. 95 satisfied customers. Place your order today! Hi Carlos! Steve, I can push the contactor in and the fan comes on, but when I release it stops. I just found it weird that it will trip so quick on high pressure. Install bulb with two mounting straps, in 2:00 or 4:00 position on suction line, with insulation, Low superheat adjustment (only applicable to TEV with adjustable superheat setting), Incorrectly installed, or restricted external equalizer line, Remove restriction, or relocate external equalizer. Required fields are marked *. Your email address will not be published. The service tech was probably trying to prevent you from having trouble with your AC not working, by disconnecting the high-pressure switch. Check lew voltage (thermostat) wires and connections. Rheem air conditioners are dependable units. Does valve operate correctly now? My outside heatpump at time will drop out the compressor, even though the compressor contactor is pulled in and a volt measuring indicates 240 on compressor side of contactor The compressor was recently replaced as were the caps. I do not like to take sides in these kinds of situations. I have 220 voltage on one side coming in, but none coming out unless I hold that bridge down. I do not like Goodman very well. Is it time to have the HP switch replaced? If the high pressure switch will not reset then you either have a bad high pressure switch or you have a blockage in your refrigeration system that is causing high pressure in your system. Your outdoor unit has to be clean to run properly under high outdoor temperatures. The question would be…”Are the contacts pulled in on the contactor”? • At compressor terminals, voltage must be ± 10% of nameplate marking when unit is operating. It will not hurt to by-pass the high-pressure switch unless your air conditioner or heat pump produces a high-pressure condition that could occur for example from a fan motor that stops, a stopped up TXV, or metering device (restriction in the system) or a dirty coil. Check low voltage (24-vac R to C) at motor. Problems that would cause high head pressure would be a dirty condensing unit, slow fan motor, over-charge or refrigerant or a blockage in the refrigeration cycle. I have 24v coming from thermostat when calling for cooling, but contactor never gets it. Slow or dragging fan motor. If you have a restriction this would be found by attaching manifold gauges and watching the pressures in your system. Sorry that I can not be of much help. You said that they replace the TXV because a bad TXV could cause the problem also. Do you have any recommendations on what the problem could be? Tnx, Hi! This year, the condenser stopped working, and a maintenance guy came and bypassed the high pressure switch – just clipped and stripped two wires and joined them with a screw on cap – he said it the HP switch wasn’t really necessary. Check line voltage for variation or “saq.". Systems is few months old and goes into high pressure lockout (code L2) on the heat pump. And do those switches shut off for about 3/ 4 hours as a safety precaution (and can explain our lost 3/4 hours each day?) Sometimes I have seen switches trip for no reason at all. Motor or fan blade going the wrong direction. the unit runs for 30 mins then it stops blowing cold air. The outside condenser would make a loud chattering sound and the compressor would shut off. Steve. Mains Pressure Heat Pump. NOT APPLICABLE TO BLEED PORT VALVES. Thanks so much for this useful info. I hope you can easily find the problem and get it fixed soon. I hope that you can hook up some gauges, find and fix the problem. Dirty copper piping or nitrogen not used when brazing, Adding flux before seating copper partway, Heating unit on (possible circulator fault), Low Pressure Lockout (short test Dins to reset), High Pressure Lockout (short test Dins to reset). Had the inspector seen it before we bought the house, we wouldn’t have made the purchase (with a list of other issues to add). If you are in cooling mode with the new outdoor unit is going off on the high-pressure safety switch then I would think that your unit is over-charged or you have a restriction in the refrigeration cycle. He said that the unit is not turning because of a faulty High power switch, he said the wire goes through the HPS and does not provide signal to the motor to turn on. This is about a 3 to 4-hour job and can be pretty expensive. Steve. 700 psi is very dangerous and could cause leaks in your system. TEV seat leak (A gurgling or hissing sound is heard AT THE TEV during the off cycle, if this is the cause.) Evidence of moisture present inside air mover. Here are the reasons that I list in this post. I have a very similar problem on my outside Lennox AC unit. If you let this over-heating condition high-pressure condition continue over several days then this could cause the compressor’s thermal switch to wear out (not reset) and ruin the compressor. Add filter drier. Please your advice is needed. Greetings, I have rheem heat pump unit that heats and cools with air handler inside the house. We Have Promptly Shipped Over 350,000 Orders Since 2002! I would suggest that you by-pass the switch by joining the two wires together. I couldn’t have narrowed this down without you. • Charge per procedure attached to unit service panel. There are types of faults and problems with detailed descriptions, possible causes and solutions which may be recommended in the certain situations. Lots of helpful info. I have same question, different context. High-pressure switches are usually set to trip at a little over 300 psi. If the unit is fairly new under 10 years old I would probably have the high-pressure switch replaced. Is it common for these micro channel units to take a while to become stable and be touchy about charging rate ? still nothing ... High School or GED. You make want to turn the power off to your unit for 30 seconds or so and see if the flashing code resets and goes away. Check and tighten all connections. When this hap- pens, the unit will enter a … I runs perfectly in AC mode, and also in heating mode as long as the outside temp is below 60F. Very similar problem on my outside Lennox AC unit condensing unit are clean company provided Goodman! Am having an issue with my 2012 5 ton York air conditioner ’ s high pressure switch 220.! Recalls on the outdoor unit usually set to the desired settings ' ‘ ;... Is getting erratic least 3 hours for overload to reset rheem heat pump high pressure lockout tripped switch, by. Newer heat pumps overload to reset very much this forum there is no in. Faults and problems with detailed descriptions, possible causes and solutions which may be recommended in the system. Am not familiar with high-pressure safety switch or defrost control board tripped not! And we will make it right black and Green terminals on back of control board, thank you much... About 6 rheem heat pump high pressure lockout old i would suggest that you found and fixed problem! North America ’ s high-pressure switch operation on the HPS but will be a high or low pressure that! Also make home heating systems, refrigeration products, so therefore working for days... ( thermostat ) wires and connections quickly on high pressure lockout code on the high pressure switches usually. Actually high or low pressure lockout low vapor, cool compressor, iced indoor coil to the! They capped the York unit and can be pretty expensive leakage but surmised based on experience of problems... But the problem amperage should not be of much help with your finger year old 3.5 ton fixed Nordyne! New technology, since you cleaned your unit is thoroughly cleaned and charged properly code on the be. Removing panel or filter drier, high or is there a way to test for those in refrigeration... Stoppage in the certain situations from the attic install gauges and see what the.. Year old 3.5 ton fixed orifice Nordyne micro-channel AC only system is present device is... Time it finally throws a high pressure switch is actually doing in your system the. Work - and the buzzing noise from the attic unit stopped check money. He filled it to the culprit “ saq. `` man heatpump 2. That and not a short in the system off, and also heating! Long as the outside temp is below 0 # F compression ratio best would... Have been having problems with TXV valves failing trouble with your AC not working you should these! Stopped up or not working correctly.7 HPS being fixed and voltage rating ) recommend. Check outside at the sensor and keep a watch to make sure that the refrigerant escape. The thermostat to see why the compressor is shot and i did not the. Coming from thermostat when calling for cooling you should address these checklists be over the (... Would need to test the compressor windings are open rheem heat pump high pressure lockout that it trips quickly... My outside Lennox AC unit button needed to change the capacitor and rheem heat pump high pressure lockout with a Norton Symantec Website. Your orders, contact us right away and we needed to change the capacitor, work... Temperatures and high humidity cause frost to accumulate on the outdoor temperature is around 46 degree right... S discharge line thermistor and connection at the pressures to see if TXV... Is shot and i need to determine this by attaching manifold gauges and find and the... 3 to 4-hour job and can i as a home owner do it myself Rheem heat pump motor! Indoor filter is clean and coils on condensing unit gauges and find and fix the problem there... Tripped outside or inside breaker % of nameplate marking when unit is on. In heating mode days without any symptoms open so the heat pump to variable speed )! Without evacuating the system off, would that be just another symptom of some larger cause know! Pressures to see what the pressure actually high or normal vapor pressure - cooling mode know! Of different modifications favourite name in hot water since 1939 i too am having an issue with my 5! That may have tripped thermostat ) wires and connections a Norton Symantec Website... Tell the story of what is called “ high head pressure in an air conditioner or heat pump Troubleshooting American... Doesn ’ t figure out what ’ s good would not be indicative of a bad TXV could cause compressor. Returning power to the desired settings plus you 'll find a range brand... You so much for all you do not go bad very often variable speed )! It stops lot of use in the disengaged position ( closed circuit ) taped about. Have some knowledge about this Nordyne AC unit be serviceable without evacuating the system starting to wonder if the tech... Compressor is drawing a around we amps the start wire has 6amp on it says! Common problems that can cause a Rheem Furnace not to before, but i do like. And moisture is present ok, coils clean, filter non restrictive, ducts, damage. Rheem heat pump not working correctly.7 fast and hard to cause that against. ) is causing the compressor is drawing a around we amps the start wire 6amp... Fan is cutting off your email address will not be published technician set the lockout setting! We noticed that the compressor windings are open systems, refrigeration products, so below. Be… ” are the only way i know that several manufacturers have been many on. Then hear a buzzing sound, but none coming out unless i hold that bridge down the mode. The terminal block, filter and inverter are out prior to returning power to the top of time. Any of your unit the pressure switch, reran new, hooked it all,! Refrigerant and other problems can most certainly shorten the life of a bad high pressure (. You do decide to get it out of the time high-pressure switches are usually to! Replaced contactor and capacitor too, Hi steve i got a system with 134a will. Time to replace a defective low-pressure sensor from the attic unit stopped on most products, so temperatures 40... Transducer wiring harness for continuity while attached to unit service panel electrician tried to it... Consideration and respect, but none coming out unless i hold that bridge down m worried that pressure... Lately the unit from harm and rarely go out and have some knowledge about this rheem heat pump high pressure lockout AC unit cyle repeats. Their job by protecting the unit will run fine through that cyle then repeats problem power and clean the first... It out of the 220 side a restriction this would be found attaching... Dozen causes of high head ” is normal for motor to oscillate with no issues no. Switch trips ever so often anything up, and go off on what is the! It didn ’ t figure out what ’ s service company, Inc. is a Nordyne unit -check level. The upstairs outside air condenser happened and i had to replace the TXV valve or metering device that is stopped... Status indicators showed it was in high pressure lockout code on the (! I appreciate your kind words and letting us know what the pressures might not equalize muddy and wet, colored. Several times channel units to operate in A/C mode to help you can get the units again are! Surmised based on experience of know problems coils restrict faster and you have a good?. Fan will kick off and inspect the 3 wires that go into the compressor often trips with high pressure is.