Tags. Serie Statuen Roy Mustang & Liza Hawkeye 12 - 22 cm Zum Anime/Manga ´Fullmetal Alchemist´ kommt dieser Pack mit 2 herausragenden Statuen aus der Precious G.E.M. Roy is the second most popular character in the series, as shown in the latest fan poll as well as the previous ones. Incarnations On BTVA: 16 Versions from 16 Titles. Roy's last name, Mustang, is actually a military slang term for a soldier (original definition) who had earned a battlefield and/or (later definition) a soldier with continuity in military service from an enlisted man to an officer without any breaks. Flame-Based Alchemy Erhältlich bei iTunes Der Wildhengst Spirit ist in West-Amerikas weiter Prärie zuhause. When he is forced to perform human transmutation and see the Truth, Roy gains the ability to transmute without a circle, clapping his hands to compensate for the sigils on his gloves being shredded. Sie fungiert dort als persönliche Assistentin und Bodyguard von Oberst Roy Mustang. As Mustang escapes the Führer's mansion, he is confronted by a maniacal Frank Archer, who shoots him. 2017 Film Rank He is also eventually shown to be a rather paternal commander who greatly cares for the emotional and physical well-being of his men, which earns him the fierce loyalty of his subordinates. While at first he is apprehensive of this mode of alchemy, he quickly realizes that because of the absence of the need for transmutation circles he is no longer limited to flame-based alchemy on the battlefield, as seen when he transmutes a stone wall to protect himself, Riza, and Major Alex Louis Armstrong from Father's attacks. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Four-Panel Comic Theater (2012 Short) Roy Mustang. Video of Riza Hawkeye x Roy mustang on the Last train Home for Fans of Roy mustang. Amestrian State Military Berthold Hawkeye General GrummanMadame Christmas' Bar Mustang Unit With his dark, piercing eyes and clean-shaven, baby-faced visage, the infamous colonel attracts a great deal of attention from admirers. Becoming Führer Willingham also stated that during production, he and Vic Mignogna re-recorded several parts as he was not satisfied with the result. Später entwickelte sich daraus jedoch eine tiefgründige Freundschaft, die bis zu Hughes Tod anhielt. Endet am Sonntag, 21:32 MEZ 6T 19Std. Hintergrund of Roy mustang and Riza Hawkeye for Fans of Roy mustang 36879991 In the OVA "Kids", the young lookalikes of Edward, Alphonse, and Winry pass by a group of kids playing cards on a sidewalk. Warenstatus: Vorbestellbar: Thema: Fullmetal Alchemist: Releasedatum: 10-2021: Material: ABS, PVC: Größe / cm: 12, 22: … Mustang's unique style of combat alchemy is made possible by his custom-made gloves. He comes off to most as a sort of cocky layabout, shirking most of his duties and delegating his paperwork to subordinates while sitting idly at his desk with an amused smile on his face as he procrastinates, but is quick to take action when it appears that there is glory and military notoriety to be gained. Er erforschte die wohl stärkste Alchemie, wie er empfand: Die Flammenalchemie. This brought him the notion that, to protect all people - and, in a way to redeem himself from the consequences of his naivité -, he would have to be at the very top of the military, sacrificing his own personal life. [29] Mustang's character is featured in the second volume of the character CDs series from Fullmetal Alchemist. Nachdem er seine Forschungen … [24], Besides his appearances in the manga and the anime, Mustang also appears in most of the Fullmetal Alchemist original video animations, which are omake of the first anime and the film sequel. It may be interesting to note that Roy tends toward dark or neutral colors in his dress, such as dark blue, brown and black tempered with minimal white. Part 5 of Lose All Your Senses; Language: English Words: 2,628 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 27 Kudos: 188 Bookmarks: 10 Hits: 849; Made of Trouble (and Snow) by … Fullmetal Alchemist Roy Mustang Cosplay Schuhe auf Miccostumes.com, beste Qualität zum besten Preis. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Auch die Schleppe ist in Königsblau gehalten, mit silbernen Zierstreifen und Verzierungen. With his dark, piercing eyes and clean-shaven, baby-faced visage, the infamous colonel attracts a great deal of attention from admirers. Riza Hawkeye wurde als Tochter von Berthold Hawkeye geboren, welcher Alchemist war. Kanji Neu Roy Mustang, Fullmetal Alchemist, Furyu Figur. 2009 Series Occupation This may refer to a joke made by the omakes of the manga, where, first, Roy is shown to be upset for turning 30 and "start to become old". Madame Christmas asking Roy to "Go play with Elizabeth". Sie können die Bilddatei herunterladen, um sie zu drucken oder an Ihre Freunde per E-Mail, Facebook, Twitter oder TikTok zu senden. Unfortunately, his self-imposed position as protector has caused him to display a penchant toward stubbornness in regards to his pride on the field and a fiery temper, both of which have been shown to cloud his judgment in certain situations. Madame Christmas treats Roy in a gruff, casual way, with a slight ironic tease, calling him "Roy-boy" even though her foster son is about 30 years old. Nationality English Words: 2,625 Chapters: 1/? At the end of the movie, Al says that Mustang and his team are now responsible for destroying the Amestris side of the Gate. After the events of his fight with Lust in Chapter 39: Complications at Central/Episode 19: Death of the Undying (2009 series), Roy carries a faint scar on the back of his right hand in the shape of the Flame Alchemy Transmutation Circle. Roy Mustang translation in English-Turkish dictionary. ", In compliance with his womanizing fame (or perhaps in exploitation of it), Roy codes his research notes with names of women, making them look like a mere record of his romantic adventures. Während der Formel-1-Saison 1958 erzielte er beim Rennen in Monza zusammen mit Masten Gregory den … Roy's dark hair - perhaps in keeping with his persona - is worn casually unkempt, falling over his eyes; in more formal or somber situations, however, he is known to wear it neatly slicked back. [31], Before Fullmetal Alchemist started publication, Arakawa had already thought that during the series, Mustang and his soldiers would fight against the antagonist Lust. When King Bradley was revealed to be an antagonist, Arakawa wanted to differentiate the two characters via their treatment of their subordinates, with Mustang being unwilling to sacrifice them, unlike Bradley. Aus unbekannten Gründen ging Roy mit etwa siebzehn bis achtzehn Jahren zur Militärakademie, um sich dort als Soldat ausbilden zu lassen und dem Land zu dienen, selbst wenn es bedeuten würde, dass er im Graben verrecken würde. Spirit - Der Wilde Mustang online anschauen: Stream, kaufen, oder leihen . Mustang claims that dogs would make the perfect soldier due to their unwavering loyalty and never griping about not getting paid. [28] He is also featured in several cards of the Fullmetal Alchemist Trading Card Game. On the surface, Roy seems to be a shallow, self-absorbed and an incorrigible womanizer who is infamous among many of his colleagues and subordinates alike for the selfish and narcissistic aura he gives off. Showing roy mustang wallpapers (1-87 of 87) View: Gallery | List. It was later returned by Tim Marcoh using a Philosopher's Stone. Bis zu 30% reduziert Elegante Herren Sakkos im OTTO Online-Shop: Große Auswahl Top Marken Top Service Bestelle jetzt Ihre Sakkos für Herren bei OTTO! Shelby war außerdem einer der Fahrer von „Felthams Formula 1 Squad“. EUR 8,49 Versand. He also carries a large burn wound on his left side, lower back and abdomen from the same event. Menge In den Warenkorb Teilen. Achtung: Nicht für Kinder unter 6 Jahre geeignet, Erstickungsgefahr durch Kleinteile! Flame AlchemistHero of IshvalRoy-Boy Chief (Manga-Komplettset Englisch + Subaru Konoe-Figur) EUR 149,95. shopping_cart Warenkorb (0) Figuren Preorder Suche. Besides his appearances in the manga and the anime, Mustang has also been featured in other media for the series, such as Makoto Inoue's light novels, the original video animations and the Fullmetal Alchemist video games. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Though their relationship has not shown any explicit signs of crossing into traditional amatory during the series, there have been many scenes where such a romantic nature is implied. Almost constantly calling Roy on the phone or dropping into his office to say hello, Maes' uplifting persona is an active deterrent to Colonel Mustang's often gloomy disposition. Shinichiro Miki. Animation 2002 1 Std. Fußballprofi) Roy Mustang (Figur aus der Animeserie "Fullmetal Alchemist") Roy Orbison (US-Sänger) Roy Peter Link (dt. Though he hides it well behind a veil of cynicism and self-importance, Mustang is a man who cares deeply about the people who trust and support him and goes to great lengths to ensure their safety and well-being, even at the risk of his own. ロイ・マスタング (Roi Masutangu) Aquroya: Clara - Reole: (Cornello • Cray • Rosé Thomas ) - Xenotime: ( Russell Tringham - Fletcher Tringham - Nash Tringham • Mugear • Belsio) - English; Italiano; Deutsch; Français Währung: EUR € EUR € Anmelden. She's also Mustang's connection to General Grumman. It refers to the Mustang horse for being a wild (though more appropriately feral) animal. His new protégé is powerful, grieving, and almost as explosive as another young alchemist he once … [30] Additionally, Mustang is portrayed by Dean Fujioka in the live-action film based on the series. [10][11] While breaking into a military laboratory, Mustang kills Lust, an immortal creature known as a homunculus, who was investigating his actions and was going to kill subordinates. [26] In the following title, Mustang appears investigating a case involving chimeras. thecable.ng. As a man with considerable power, Mustang considers himself a protector to those without and acts accordingly, earning the staunch loyalty of his most trusted compatriots. It is for this reason that Travis Willingham's fan club is known as "the Mini-Skirt Army. They're known to be smarter and have a better survival instinct than other thoroughbreds, so therefore, Roy Mustang, in many senses, is a Mustang in the military. Character details Nachdem er seine Forschungen abschloss, tätowierte er die Ergebnisse auf den Rücken seiner Tochter. After Roy gains Riza's trust and takes the Flame Alchemy knowledge for himself, he modifies the symbol somewhat for his gloves (removing the text and the basilisks in favor of a simplified circle). While reviewing the first volume of the manga, Manga Life found that Mustang's character was more mature in the manga than in the anime. Das endgültige Produkt kann in Details von den Bildern abweichen. In the 2009 anime's epilogue, he was shown to have grown a mustache, contrary to the manga. Personal details Easily as arrogant as his young protégé Edward, Colonel Mustang is one to act in an ostentatious manner and appears to act mostly out of self-interest rather than any sort of philanthropy. 29-30 (series), 32 (CoS movie, end of the manga) [35], In the first Fullmetal Alchemist anime series, Mustang was voiced by Toru Okawa,[1] while in the second anime, Okawa was replaced by Shin-ichiro Miki. Age [22] Mustang is able to defeat Bradley when his son, Selim, unwittingly brings the skull of the man from which the Führer was created and weakens Bradley. A decade later, Roy gets more what he bargains for when he finds the “Chosen One” in Drachma. Diese Figurenart ist für Sammler ab 14 Jahren geeignet. Børning The Fast & The Funniest (Originaltitel: Børning) ist ein norwegischer Actionfilm des Regisseurs Hallvard Bræin aus dem Jahr 2014. Toru Okawa (2003) Shinichiro Miki (2009). Neuseeland Limited (Adresse: Level 2, Heards Building, 2 Ruskin Street Parnell … Berthold Hawkeye nahm Roy Mustang als Schüler auf. The right hand appears to allow for large explosive attacks, while the left allows for smaller, but strong and very accurate pinpoint flame attacks. [40] He has ranked highly in the Animage's Anime Grand Prix polls in the category of best male characters. add wallpaper Roy mustang Hintergründe. [15] Mustang later confronts the homunculus Envy after learning that he was Hughes' true murderer; fueled by rage, Mustang easily defeats Envy. Showing roy mustang wallpapers (1-87 of 87) View: Gallery | List. He is a State Alchemist and officer in the Amestrian State Military. Roy is a clean-shaven young man with dark eyes. This adds another facet to his unpopularity among the enlisted men, many of whom fear having sweethearts and crushes romanced away from them by his hand. Mustang accepts and is put in charge of the East region as brigadier general. No Archive Warnings Apply; Maes Hughes/Roy Mustang; … Roy Mustang Voice. Alchemist Roy Christmas 23cm Gift Dolls Collection Toys Figure Action Mustang c9f9devrc92664-Anime Manga. His other notable roles include Yu Kanda in D.Gray-man , Cleo in Glass Fleet , Ginko in Mushishi , Portgas D. Ace in the Funimation re-dub of One Piece and Takashi Morinozuka in Ouran High School Host … Maßstab: 1/8: Art: Scale Figur: Verfügbar: Vorbestellung: Hersteller: Kotobukiya : Serie: Fullmetal Alchemist : Bewertungen 0. It has also been revealed that Roy is able to delegate each hand to a different flame effect, possibly due to a difference in hand dexterity. 0 Gebote. Blue Squad: (Bald) Die Statue besteht aus aus ABS und ATBC-PVC, kommt im 1/8 Scale und ist ca. Mustang's best friend from their shared days at the military academy, Maes Hughes is Roy's closest friend inside and outside of the military. Zerochan has 238 Roy Mustang anime images, wallpapers, HD wallpapers, Android/iPhone wallpapers, fanart, cosplay pictures, screenshots, facebook covers, and many more in its gallery. Riza Hawkeye wurde als Tochter von Berthold Hawkeyegeboren, welcher Alchemist war. Officially, Mustang is Edward's superior officer, but their relationship is far from the typical professional connection. A great fan of classy attire, Mustang is rarely seen out of the stan… Roy Mustang Tags. Die Schleppe hat auf der Rückseite einen Schlitz, um das Bewegen einfacher zu machen. Goal While Mustang's Flame Alchemy cannot be used on rainy days because the humidity makes it impossible for his gloves to produce sparks, it becomes clear that water itself does not make the Colonel entirely as "useless" as his subordinates assume. Riza Hawkeye would like it very much if Roy Mustang would stop dating the human incarnation of barely-restrained chaos. EUR 5,00. Roy Mustang is the absolute best agent the FBI has, closing every case that comes his way. Ironically enough, Travis' character killed Laura's in Episode 19 of Brotherhood. Cookies help us deliver our services. There exists between them a sort of amicable animosity, as Roy takes a great deal of personal pleasure in teasing Fullmetal and watching him squirm under his orders and, at the same time, Ed takes pleasure in getting around his orders and showing Mustang up whenever he manages to find an opportunity. Fullmetal Alchemist: … No sooner do Havoc and Mustang discover an abandoned experiment chamber, however, than they are greeted by Lust , who mockingly scolds Jean for betraying her. Fullmetal alchemist is owned by Aniplex please support the official release. Roy's dark hair - perhaps in keeping with his persona - is worn casually unkempt, falling over his eyes; in more formal or somber situations, however, he is … Roy Mustang translation in English-Turkish dictionary. Oberleutnant Roy Mustang war es, der den beiden jungen Alchemisten Mut machte, wieder aufzustehen: Er war der Meinung, dass es Möglichkeiten geben würde und sie alles tun sollten um ihre alten Körper zurück zu erhalten. 49,90 € inkl. [21] Although Bradley intends for him to die in combat during the Northern Campaign, Mustang instead stays in Central, making his move to avenge Hughes. At Riza's insistence, he reluctantly uses his new knowledge to burn parts of the image off of her back, erasing the important aspects of it from existence, and freeing her from the heavy responsibility of carrying it. ), also known as the Flame Alchemist (焔の錬金術師, Honō no Renkinjutsushi? He has, however, never actually been shown to be on a serious date with any woman in the manga or 2009 anime; any flirtatious interactions he had with women seemed to be nothing more than a cover to discretely pass along information. [50], Publications of manga, anime, and other media have commented on Mustang's character in both the manga and anime. Sein größter Erfolg als Fahrer war der Sieg beim 24-Stunden-Rennen von Le Mans 1959 an der Seite von Roy Salvadori auf einem Aston Martin DBR1/300. Roy also has a reputation of being a shameless flirt, and it's rumored that he spends much of his time cavorting about town with various women and wooing several of the servicewomen with his abundant charm, good looks and charisma. Ignition Cloth Gloves 0 Gebote. There are several implied jokes and remarks on the nature of the relationship between Mustang and Hawkeye in the manga and 2009 series. Er erforschte die wohl stärkste Alchemie, wie er empfand: Die Flammenalchemie. Kostenloser Versand. [20] When pursuing the Elrics after the Stone's creation in Liore, Mustang learns that the Führer is a homunculus, and tries to expose him to the top brass of the military by revealing the truth about the Führer's secretary, Juliet Douglas. Roy mustang. [14], Mustang is later contacted by General Olivier Armstrong, who is intending to join forces with various troops to attack Central City, the capital of Amestris. His character has also received praise in various outside media, with many of them focusing on his character and development in both manga and anime. Oniri Creations nächster Geniestreich nach ist dieses heiße Roy Mustang Diorama. Er basiert auf der Biografie Go Like Hell: Ford, Ferrari, and Their Battle for Speed and Glory at Le Mans von A. J. Baime, die der Regisseur gemeinsam mit Jason Keller, … Roy Mustang (ロイ・マスタング, Roi Masutangu?) -Serie. Affiliations [5] This paternal nature stems from his experience in the Ishbal Civil War, where he was forced to kill using his flame alchemy, despite having learned it to help people. Roy Mustang aus dem Manga/Anime "Fullmetal Alchemist "Größe: 23 cm Hersteller: Kotobukiya. 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Outrage as robbers kill 22-year-old systems engineer in Lagos | TheCable . In the Manga Artbook 3, answering to fan questioning about why hasn't Mustang married Hawkeye at the end of the series, Arakawa stated, Though fans have likened Roy's eyes to those common among. English Words: 1,843 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 8 Kudos: 60 Bookmarks: 10 Hits: 356; Home isn't a Place, its a Feeling by Unpredictable_Ghost Fandoms: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood & Manga, Fullmetal Alchemist - All Media Types Teen And Up Audiences; No Archive Warnings Apply; F/M; Complete Work; 12 Nov 2020. A Twitter user named Roy Mustang, @Magnanimous_, who identified himself as a relative of the deceased, said Ntekim-Rex was shot around 8:00pm. Shinichiro Miki. Diese Figurenart ist für Sammler ab 14 Jahren geeignet. Edward Elric • Alphonse Elric • Winry Rockbell • Roy Mustang • Scar By adjusting the oxygen densities in the surrounding atmosphere through alchemy, he can create flames anywhere in the surrounding area at will and manipulate them as he desires with "pinpoint accuracy". In the series, Mustang is a State Alchemist of Amestris' State Military, as well as the superior of the series' protagonist, Edward Elric. Yet all may not be as it seems, and the only person you can trust, might be the last person you expect. Believing it to be the greatest and most powerful form of alchemy possible, Hawkeye refused to pass on the knowledge to Roy, who was his apprentice at the time, and instead entrusted the secrets of his search for knowledge to his young daughter Riza - tattooing the perfected array onto her back as the only physical record of its existence. A hero of the Ishval Civil War and Edward Elric's superior officer, Colonel Mustang is a remarkably capable commander who plans to become the next Führer of Amestris. In the series, Mustang is a State Alchemist of Amestris' State Military, as well as the superior of the series' protagonist, Edward Elric. • Ling Yao, Alexandre • Arzen • Heathcliffe Arbor • Frank Archer • Olivier Mira Armstrong • King Bradley • Heymans Breda • Briggs Doctor • Denny Brosh • Buccaneer • Rebecca Catalina • Charlie • Klemin • Damiano • Darius • Henry Douglas • Edison • Vato Falman • Fessler • Focker • Kain Fuery • Gamelan • Gardner • Grumman • Hakuro • Harris • Jean Havoc • Riza Hawkeye • Heinkel • Henschel • Maes Hughes • Jerso • Karley • Miles • Raven • Richard • Maria Ross • Sheska • Smith • Storch • Yakovlev • Yoki • Zampano • Gold-Toothed Doctor • Doctor Knox, Alex Louis Armstrong • Giolio Comanche • Jack Crowley • Edward Elric • Basque Grand • Solf J. Kimblee • Tim Marcoh • Isaac McDougal • Roy Mustang • Shou Tucker, Roy Mustang • Kain Fuery • Riza Hawkeye - Black Hayate • Vato Falman • Jean Havoc • Heymans Breda, Laboratory 5: (Barry the Chopper • Slicer Brothers) - Youswell: (Yoki • Lyra ) - Rush Valley: (Paninya • Garfiel • Dominic LeCoulte • Ridel LeCoulte • Satella LeCoulte • Baby LeCoulte) Navigation and Actions. -Serie. Auf dieser Seite dreht … Chris Mustang (paternal aunt/foster mother)Roy's father (deceased)Roy's mother (deceased) Mustang holds the title of "Flame Alchemist" for his ability to create fire with alchemy, and he ambitiously strives … By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. add wallpaper Roy mustang Hintergründe. Bedeutungen von RM im Englischen Wie oben erwähnt, wird RM als Akronym in Textnachrichten verwendet, um Roy Mustang darzustellen. Full Name A great fan of classy attire, Mustang is rarely seen out of uniform (and even while in uniform will often don other accouterments, such as a long, black overcoat and white formal-wear gloves), but when dressed in civilian clothes, he appears rather partial to the three-piece suit and black tie (frequently coupled with classic scarves, polished dress shoes and the aforementioned overcoat and gloves). [12] Recovering from his wounds, Mustang learns that the Führer King Bradley is also a homunculus and tries to expose him to the top echelons of the military. Denken Sie daran, dass die Abkürzung von RM in Branchen wie Banken, Informatik, Bildung, Finanzen, Regierung und … Fullmetal Alchemist Roy Mustang Cosplay Schuhe auf Miccostumes.com, beste Qualität zum besten Preis. Easily the most significant of Roy's personal relationships, his connection with Lt. Hawkeye goes deeper and further back than any other. - Roy Mustang: 22 cm - Liza Hawkeye: 12 cm . [9], Following the death of his best friend, Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes, Mustang investigates the incident in secret despite the military closing the case after convicting Maria Ross. Roymustang87 ist in Mundijuegos Aleman. Mustang then moves on to the Führer's mansion and stages his fight. Fullmetal Alchemist Precious G.E.M. Roy Mustang is the very picture of an attractive, sophisticated man in the prime of life. However, while these traits do have a place in his real personality, much of his outward persona can perhaps be considered an intentional façade perfectly designed to cause those unfamiliar with him to underestimate his remarkable intelligence and ability. Travis Willingham. Nach dem Abschluss bes… Mustang seems to trust and rely on Madame Christmas quite a lot, letting her in on his plans inside the military and conveying dangerous secrets to her. Die Serie wurde unter anderem zweimal als Anime-Fernsehserie mit den Titeln Fullmetal Alchemist und Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood und als Kinofilm Fullmetal Alchemist – Der Film: Der Eroberer von Shamballa … … Chapter 4Episode 1 (2003 series)Episode 1 (2009 series) Fullmetal Alchemist Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Lieutenant Colonel (Flashback story of the 2003 and 2009 anime)Colonel(Throughout the 2003 and 2009 anime)Brigadier-General (Final part of 2003 and last episode of the 2009 anime)General (epilogue, 2009 anime only) Roy Mustang is a fictional character from the Fullmetal Alchemist manga series and its adaptations created by Hiromu Arakawa. Shelby Mustang GT350 . Roy Mustang is a character from Fullmetal Alchemist. However, when Central is under attack by armies and airships from a parallel universe, Mustang steps up and takes command, using his alchemy to defend Central. Er traf dort das erste mal auf seinen späteren besten Freund Maes Hughes, zu dem er zunächst eine Rivalität hegte. Wenn Sie unsere nicht-englische Version besuchen und die englische Version von Roy Mustang sehen möchten, scrollen Sie bitte nach unten und Sie werden die Bedeutung von Roy Mustang in englischer Sprache sehen. As the daughter of Berthold Hawkeye, the man who taught Roy to use alchemy, Riza has known Roy throughout his youth and military career and has a personal stake in how he chooses to live his life. [49] In a poll by Anime News Network, he was voted as the 3rd best "guy". Mustang and his comrade Alex Louis Armstrong are able to find a hot-air balloon to reach the airships, where he is reunited with the Elric brothers, and helps them gain entry into the airship. Roy is expertly manipulative and prone to think several steps ahead of those around him, giving him a remarkable talent for making subordinates act exactly as he wishes despite appearing not to have had a hand in their decisions - all traits which make the fact that he has managed to attain the lofty rank of colonel at such a young age a matter of public gossip. [16] Later, the homunculi attack Mustang, forcing him to use alchemy to become the fifth human sacrifice needed for their leader.