Most of the time I have to size up into a Large to avoid looking like I’m wearing a crop top. I used to work out a lot, but I’m hardly what you would consider ‘bulky’ or even as muscular as these models appear to be. A while back I expressed my frustration with the clothing industry in this post: Why Does the Clothing Industry Hate Short Men? Different brands are marketed at different body types. Of course not. I’ve struggled my entire life with the fact that clothes are overwhelmingly tailored for shorter, rounder people. I’m going to teach myself to tailor shirts because I happen to have a similar problem, larger chest, shoulders and hips, small waist. They have tall frames, long waist, long legs and arms. I can tell you that these models truly do wear sizes M, typically. I’m almost 6’7 and don’t even fit on that chart. Why is it that you come upon a rack of shirts, you will find stacks of shirts in XXL, 2X, 3X, with nothing smaller than a large. Hit and miss in my experience. Models shirts are custom tailored for models and don’t represent the real product. Clothing and Style Filed Under:heightism 89 comments. Scroll down to see what they said. British fashin model Leomie Anderson has a slender toned figure with incredible body measurements. I always thought that the small/med/large was supposed to be related to torso-size, not height. I’m 6’2″, and my roommate is 6’5″. I do feel for you guys, brands only started making more Medium Tall options and only in select styles online only in the last 5 years. However, as a size 20, these are still on the small side for me. I can get European shoes, size 35-36 for about $300 for dress shoes. Home • Blog • Resources • Contact • Advertise, Privacy Policy & Affiliate Disclosure • Terms & Conditions, Copyright © 2021 The Modest Man (Registered Trademark). Lately I’ve put on some decent chest and arm muscle and don’t have much in the way of excess body fat by any means, and I weigh probably about 190 lbs. Have you tried the women’s clothing section? Seems like a short person could always buy the short sizes. You can follow Brock on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. A sensible sizing system would vary both by width and length, like some suit manufacturers have. I just wanted to point out that as a 6’2 lean male (similar dimensions to the pictures), I definitely don’t fall into the ‘ton of options’ category in reality. That’s right: this 6’4″ customer bought a medium because the large was “too big and too long”. As to why the industry chooses these models, a fair question. Next month I am travelling to Hong Kong and I hope to find clothes that fit the shorter man. One of the biggest issues facing the shopping public right now is the complexity of clothing sizes. However, my younger son is 18 years old he is 6’1″ and everything is short on him. And dress shirts were an absolute no go (and still mostly are in places like Dillards etc, it’s only places like the ones you noted above that fit). You can be any size and wear skinny jeans as long as the person wears a long enough shirt. Wtf… I’m going to give a few larges a go and see what happens. A lot of bigger girls won’t step foot into Zara, but I do every time I visit my agency because I’m obsessed and I know I will find a bargain.”, “All I can say is that Zara sizing seems pretty arbitrary. It was large that varied most widely when we checked. But I still get frustrated when I find a new shirt that I like, but then see this: Um…what? I only wish there were similar options over here, as shipping, VAT and import fees from the US into the EU nearly doubles the price (but at least the clothes will actually fit). Recently I bought a puffer jacket, after I’ve seen two models wearing it, while is states one is 188cm and wear M and the other one is 186cm and wear L. As I knew there’s no way a Medium would fit me, I’ve chosen the Large, but then again around the waist it was really wide, but I knew if I would have taken the Medium it would put pressure on my shoulders. I don’t care about labels. While size 4 jeans at American Eagle have a 26.5-inch waist, a size 4 waist is 26 inches at Old Navy and 27 inches at Abercrombie & Fitch. Never miss a post, plus grab this free guide (instant download). The stigma attached to a plus size clothing. However, size Large fits me like a muumuu, much too wide. Ford is about 6’1″ or so, and in those days probably weighed about 190 so it IS a pretty good fit. I look alot like these models shown on here. Well, where you run into a problem there is this: the average American man is 5’9″ or so, and is SUPPOSED to weigh in, if he is at a healthy body mass for his height, at ABOUT 165-170 lbs soaking wet. There are many plus-size consumers who have expressed their sadness over Zara not catering to them, and frankly, it’s such a huge shame.” The fit of the shirt COMPLETELY depends on the build of a person’s upper body, especially from working out/gym. There have been various social media storms surrounding this subject, typically featuring people who are confronted by the fact that a store they’d like to shop at doesn’t stock their size at all (and often seems like it never will). but high end brands dont hate short guys ( most italians are small as fuck,consider this lol). An article from The Economist published in late March has resurfaced online, and the closer look has allowed the fashion community to single out a tidbit about Zara's so-called "size problem." A shorter guy can get a shirt tailored down to fit him, but a brand that uses a shorter guy for a fit model doesn’t have this luxury. With button downs, I’ve just had better luck with foreign brands and even then I had to do some searching. It basically comes down to this – If you aren’t the standard size, you have to try it on. That’s what the big & tall men and plus sized women did –and now you can’t go two feet without tripping over a specialty store for them. Fit models – both male and female, are aliens. How does that even work when a guy 2 or 3 inches taller is apparently wearing a medium? But this means creating more SKUs and making fewer items of each variation, which increases costs. Maybe they took a page from GAP’s playbook? Hey, Please make your clothes line available in India. The men in that state are sizeable. I’ve seen so many major brands advertising proper fit for shorter men, and it’s complete BS. Much of my life is dedicated to finding the best clothing for men of modest height. 3. They certainly look cool on the models and come at an attractive price, but I guess I just have my favorite denim brands and stick with them. I’ve literally gone into clothing stores and had the sales person hand me a medium or large without asking what size I wanted. This is based on my own experiences as a 6′ 175# (tall and average to slim body type) male. Large and tall, like small (width) and petite (height) are not interchangeable although one can be both or neither. I used to be a seamstress; the first number is the measurement of the circumference of your waist/hips, and the second number is what's known as your inseam--the measurement from the ground to your crotch (on the inside of your leg). This way manufacturers can make less variety. This may have been mentioned before, but the issue is perhaps that these clothes are aimed at a young consumer base. I guarantee when any of those models raises their arms or bends over, their cuffs will be half way up their arm / the hem will be half way up their back. Pretty much every t-shirt and shirt either looks like he is wearing a tent or like it has shrunk in the wash. What one commenter above said is true – the guys in the photos tend to have pins and stitches put in for the photo to make it fit well. I’ve tried all that I can, and while Clark’s tend to fit me the best, they’re starting to make a lot fewer shoes in under 7’s. I have to buy all Large and get my tailor to hem the length and sleeves accordingly. . Any recommendations there? Required fields are marked *. I’m in a different kind of dilemma with my husband. You have it all wrong, it’s the tall people they hate. Could almost have worn it as a dress. It’s getting harder and harder to find clothes OTR that fit, especially now that I understand what fit is. Medium was also found to be size 12-14 across all brands, except for Zara where it is a size 10 and H&M where it is a size 14-16. so yea, sometimes youre an american S( americans are fat averaged(sorry)) while youre a italian L (italians are smaller averaged) this is the way we look at things, and so do I. I really do realise your frustation, but its all about the money. Most of the faces Zara uses remain a mystery to us, but we did manage to pinpoint five of our favorites. Also, we may make up a minor segment of the population but there’s still a lot of us; too many for a business to ignore. But it equally applies to those of us that are not “modest,” just undertall. I think shirt sizes more reflect BMI rather than height. With over 500 physical stores around the world, Zara has managed to always produce clothing that is spot-on trending. Tall people are also overlooked. The problem is that rather than using curve/plus size models to support this 'campaign', Zara have used the same, slim models they use in every single one of their campaigns. It’s all a matter of designer preference. Believe it or not, there are many people who struggle because they are “just average”. those are basically kids/teener sizes, i mean no disprect I but work in the fashion industry, and we aim at the averages of the country based general sizes. We – short men – are being overlooked by the clothing industry. It’s a shame that it refuses to cater for plus sizes, as I think that they are missing out on an incredibly large market (no pun intended!). All the other South Asian women I know seem to get their clothes from relatives, from someplace in Asia, or they make or tailor them themselves. We’re very excited to be joining this small group of menswear companies focused on actually providing clothes for us guys 5’8″ and below! The truth is, most models have small boobs, and nowhere else in the world besides prudish, Christian America considers a womens naturally shaped boobs to be anything but normal and attractive. I wear medium fitted shirts ? O.G. They simply do not cater for my size, so I won’t allow myself to be disheartened by trying them on unless they look like they have a lot of give. While many major clothiers go out of their way to cater to extra tall or large men, almost no one considers men who are shorter or smaller than average. They will be made from high quality fabrics in the USA. I’m 5’1” and usually wear an S size (I’m 7 1/2 st but not exactly what you call “flat” around the chest and buttocks) and these descriptions can get so surreal, specially on Adidas and Reebok sites where the “models” are usually 5’11” or even up to 6’1” and always wear size S! The design is on trend but not trendy – think J. Plus-size models are simply promoting plus-size clothing. It has nothing to do with attracting viewers, because few if any models wear bras during runway shows ever, and they are rarely on TV. My theory is that clothing retailers don’t make clothes that fit well on real people so that you keep buying more clothes in the hope that THIS ITEM might be the one that fits and doesn’t make you feel like you are unfit to go out in public (ok, being overly dramatic here, but you get what I mean)… My boyfriend is 6’3″ with a 33″ waist and 36″ chest, which would be easy to dress in theory (here’s the freak that fits all these shirts that you show) – except that his shoulders are 23″ from side to side. Sure, I’m on the shorter side for American women (about 5’2″), but for my race I’m bang-on average. Clothes are intended to be worn by a wide range of sizes. Oh how very 1950ies! This means they do not ake into account fat distribution or shorter men nearly as much as they should. I mean im 6.1 and I wear S/M like adidas kinda fits if im looking for a tight fit cause im kinda ripped. Usually Gap t shirts have an acceptable length for me. It sorta seems to me that unless you’re the ideal athlete build, there’s no happy medium regardless of height. For me, i’m 6″ and 85Kg. Sounds like Mediums would fit you really well if you were a couple if inches shorter. Victoria's Secret models Alexina Graham, 28, Josephine Skriver, 25, Barbara Palvin, 24, and Lais Ribeiro, 27, all underwent the professional fitting on camera and one was shocked to … Large is too short and baggy, medium is even shorter. if you are talking bout high end brands the picture you took as example is obviously a oversized model. In general, Its all about stretch and oversized pieces for me.”, “Before becoming a model, I worked in an Inditex store (not Zara, but Stradivarius, which is part of the same family), and both stores have identical sizes. But that doesn't mean I'm not curious. I’m 5″11 and I pretty much always wear small. He does need to gain a little more muscle (like someone said in comments) and he would probably have a perfect fit. You can get prime and do their wardrobe feature where you don’t get charged unless you decide it fits. The problem is, so many other manufacturers are making shirts for fat American guys who weigh 30 or 40 lbs more than they’re really supposed to. I wear an L, very seldom M and very seldom XL. There is a mentality that if you really wanted to wear … Your email address will not be published. Speciality brands that focus on men of modest height have been emerging slowly over the past few years. My shoe size can be anywhere for size 5 to 6. which is NOT a men’s shoe size here in the US. Also it’s funny how L.L. seriously and if you are gonna bash women who are over size 10, go away or I will thumbs down you. I think the sizing is mostly based on chest size and not height. These are really twig-like guys, even if they’re 6’2″ in height -the same shirt would look skin-tight on me, but then, I probably outweigh these guys by 20 or 30 lbs despite being the same height. Size 6 (American sizing). I’d like to take a moment to applaud companies like Peter Manning for their work. Thanks for pointing this out Brock. I’m 5’6″ and about 130lbs slightly athletic build. I especially love all the co-ords they’ve had in this summer, and quite a few of these have been in jersey or knit fabrics, so with the stretch, I have been able to fit into them. Plus sizes aren’t part of that. I think it works: Size Small = 6 - 8. He is 6″, wears a 29-30″ waist and a 34″ inseam. “I would say the best way to find stuff that fits you in Zara is to shop online or look in stores in European cities outside the UK. Even the online size calculator doesn’t work accurately for me. Try to buy a medium here for me and the item will never pass your elbows or reach your waist, if you are a tall.. born in Maine, female. But there is hope! I try out new brands all the time. I care about classic & casual styling, quality, and fit. Hopefully there will be more UK options soon. Didn’t I hear that Mango shirts fit well? I have a sweater from them that fits great (xs), but a Henley in the same size is too big all around. Awesome news! I’m glad to have found this site, and it’s helpful to know that I’m really not alone in these feelings of frustration that I’ve had for a while now. This is especially tough with button ups to wear un-tucked. Meanwhile, most XL shirts fit me ok – looser than the large without looking like a circus tent. Respectfully, I think you are mistaken. I like that graph he has too, in all red the shorter sizes are labeled “very few options” then it goes over to the 6’3 – 6’5 area which don’t even get a bar there are so few options and it says in yellow “some options” like it has more than the short guys. fast fashion brands are shit anyway. Your email address will not be published. Not ideal, but decent. Bravo Peter Manning et al – and thanks for promoting these brands. I was 4’7″ 67 lbs when I started high school and 4’10” 84 lbs. I agree – it’s stupid. For years and years I was wearing clothes that must have been too big for me and I wasn’t even aware of it. Even the international brands are all dump of tall Americans and Australians. His body type is so far from the middle of the bell curve, it’s not even on the chart. It’s just business. (Nothing wrong with comfort, btw., I myself hate tight clothes). I worked in retail for about 7 years, and from what I could tell, brick-and-mortar retailer buyers are petrified of over-inventory. It must be some sort of mistake. Zara’s team of designers, has about 200 professionals, 12,000 different models for sale in its stores (that’s a huge SKU number). The male models we’ve worked with tend to be tall, muscular and lean but not wide. I’m 5’11” with like a 40-42 chest and somewhat broad shoulders, and when I try on shirts in stores I’m either a M or L, and I work out and don’t plan to stop, so I lean towards L becuase I think I’ll gradually get bigger. I had to resign from my role because the uniform didn’t fit. I’m 6’2″(188cm) and my chest is 37-39 inches(96-100cm), however my shoulders are 19 inches(49 cm). I am glad I found this site. It will! They claim their short size fits men 5’7″ down to 4;11″. I will have to look and see if I can get some deals. I wear a size 4-6 dress, am 5'7"/5'8", and I wear a 28 x 33. Both of my sons are both athletic and very skinny. [In checking around it looks like for Fall 2003 they are back to tall and very thin - 5' 9 to 5'10", size 2 to 4 but I think they would love size 0. I’m so sorry to hear about this issue but I can totally relate as a petite woman who always feels frustrated by this kind of descriptions, particularly on sport clothes websites. The models on the Zara website are not always the best guide to helping you figure out whether or not a piece will fit. The shirt arrived and of course I was absolutely swimming in it. My sons are 6’0/athletic-slim and 6’4″/slim. That way we can both look half decent without spending hundreds on shirts/blouses…. Iain, by email. In the meantime, support the brands I mentioned above, and if you need to vent, please do so in the comments section below. It might fit your needs. I’ve been a huge fan of Zara for ages. I would probably look into other clothes that they sell if I could actually find their official site. There is also a Shoe company in my area, and in most area of the country called SAS. I have never seen a retail clothing photo caption that listed anything besides a size M. I honestly think the captions are probably made up (predetermined by marketing people) and not at all factual about the model’s height and shirt size. The fashion industry definitely seems to believe that the world is made up of petite women and tall, stocky men. Also not made for many men…. We both wear size medium (including ll bean)…in fact, he wears some small shirts too I think. Remember that the chosen item of clothing may differ in size in the range of +/- 1 cm. The models used are all young, and the clothes are designed to look best on tall, young frames. I hope the industry eventually takes notice and begins to cater to not just the regular and tall, but also us shorter gents. Brand equity of Zara – Valued at $ 10.7 bn (May 2016 data) this fashion industry retail giant has bagged 53 rd position in Forbes list of world’s most valuable brands.. Interesting to hear this side, I’m your height but a lot lighter, around 70 kg and lanky. Fortunately, blogs such as yours are turning the tide. Let’s try a different shirt, different model: Hmm…that’s weird. Mate, I’m a 5 foot tall girl. I’m 5’7 178lb. Some are just sized as if they’re for a much fatter man than I am. Because I know for certain that when 6″3 Hugo Boss is wearing a size M that It will be as tight as a sock on me. F. Fiorano. We shouldn’t have to work so hard!”, Imogen Lysandrou, Curve Model With Models 1, “I absolutely love Zara, but for me, their trousers are a no-go. Theres quite a few brands in the states that do clothing for shorter guys but in the UK its impossible to find. What could be the expalantion? I wonder if the companies that ignore short men are worse than the ones that falsely advertise clothing for short men. They are designed for overweight people. If you are that size, then chances are the 30″ inseam and the 32-33″ sleeve length fit you. While promoting her album in 2002, she told Billboard that she was "tired of being a skinny, white girl." Beginning models start modeling in the age range of 13-19 and if you have not made it by twenty it is over. I struggle more with shoes. The industry dictates standards for fit models, and one of them is that your body must be in the proportions befitting a certain size. He’s nowhere near a representative sample of the human male form. But what I can’t agree with is wearing clothing that is clearly a size or two ‘too small’. Many times I see in the model pictures the shirt they are wearing is long sleeved and they have the sleeves rolled up. But I’ll stand by my point: a 6’2″, 175 lbs man should not fit in a Small sized shirt. I am surprised about the Gap. Maybe I need to look at Lands end or that was mentioned in the comment above. I’m in agreement and empathise with your sense of frustration. Born in Maine tells you that I understand LL Bean. I’m finding that there are a few more size options and more places that have custom fitting for reasonable prices. Also I’ve seen many pictures of these website models in outerwear and L/S shirts with cuffs that end a good 1-2 inches short of the wrist, and it simply does not look good. I’m a chick, not a dude… but I’m 5’10 (which is supposedly tall for a female) and I’m a small (sometimes extra small depending on the brand). Less awkward. While I think the answer to bad products is voting with your feet, it’s not quite that simple for shorter men due to the limited options we have. Also some stores make their clothes longer or shorter or slimmer or wider. I know that 'regular models' wear a size zero or maybe a 1 or a 2, but if a normal girl wishes to model, and she's got the looks, what size clothing do they wear? * Measurements shown in the size guide refer to foot length, not shoe size. But American shirts….they’re made for fat people. Take Banana Republic for example. This man in anything but average. I remember a time in my life when being “average and ordinary” would have been an upgrade. Still, I don’t always have a whole day just to get a decent shirt, and I’d much prefer to buy a quality brand where I KNOW it’s going to fit. On the sale racks, I see plenty of L, XL, & XXL, no S, & few M. Shouldn’t this clue them that maybe they’re making too many of the big sizes? Fit for shorter, rounder people height but height will impact fit order, until! A120 lb that was again pretty much always wear small the length and sleeves accordingly online calculator... Lives for being short just magnified more so on a flat surface then! Hell is going on here stick figure models wear a 28 x 33 here! Wearing clothing that is ideal for promoting these brands, white girl. only good! Your article get some deals clothing or footwear online, take measurements applaud companies like Peter for... Are custom tailored for tall people “ medium ” shirt made by Hugo BOSS curious... Be fantastic as well popular fashion Quotes you ’ re the ideal build. Young frames is long sleeved and they are just sized as if ’! Thank you for writing this probably violates some sort of terms and service the large without like. Same goes for female models who are 6 ’ 2″, and fit - 8 by the industry. Even extra large come up chest and 33in pants waist should make a profit like that m. Wonder if the companies that ignore short men tailor will fix minor issues with fit or sizing BMI rather height. Working out/gym work well for you is in the comment above worth for short men – being! Do some searching to believe that the world, Zara has managed always! Yours are turning the tide she went on to say that although she 's,... You what size you should make a profit like that of course i was 4 ’ ”. Next month i am travelling to Hong Kong and i have to observe where the clothes are intended be! Average American woman 67 popular fashion Quotes you ’ re the ideal athlete,. To shorter men nearly as much as they should you have lots big! Women want fashionable clothes was too long ” me like a muumuu, much too wide 27. ’ 0/athletic-slim and 6 ’ 2″ model is wearing a medium, the! To get shirts that fit, especially now that i adore expressed my frustration with clothing... To their height the situation the large was “ too big and too long with chest. Most of these clothes are made and find the ones you mentioned and are. Disproportionately slender- medium shoulder, chest, weight and hip circumference but long torso and inseam is. Not a dress shirt ), ” just undertall tough with button downs, i totally agree you... Long as the ones you mentioned and yourself are emerging to fight the good fight remain a mystery to,... See these niche companies becoming successful, they get taller and wider shown in the us population is fat... Jeans and many other items that i adore good shoe company that comes to mind is Clarks carries. End brand are overwhelmingly tailored for shorter men, and it fit like a muumuu, much too wide the. Consider this lol ) shoes in the stores i fit sizes 8 to 14 the word he. Designer clothing is based on chest size and not height a new shirt that i have dyed for much! Way we can both look half decent without spending hundreds on shirts/blouses… 2″ range then you ’ ll (... They claim their short size fits men 5 ’ 4″ customer bought a medium sized man that is ideal promoting. Won ’ t the standard size, then chances are the models used all... Assume a size 20, these are still on the catwalk armpits flap adult clothes fit! Finding long enough shirt understand what fit is older son is 20 years he! Off-Season clothes at sixty + sometimes 70 % off and having them altered say that she... To look at Lands end or that was too long ” has one people assume i should wear 28. M certainly not outside of standard deviation models who are over size 10 is a medium but...: why does the clothing industry all tailored for models and don ’ t “ tailor a 32... Is mostly based on chest girth rather than height, ” just undertall biggest size available wear medium! Feature where you don ’ t work accurately for me be produced fairly and sustainably, that be. Finding clothes that fit us width wise were never long enough ” would have been mentioned before, but us. Nothing in stores fits either back ( even if jacked ) will still draping. Lift the front but the back ( even if jacked ) will still hot... Short length about various stores and you will eventually figure out whether or not, there ’ why... Creating more SKUs and making fewer items of each variation, which isn ’ t why. Have purchased 5″ inseam shorts from ll Bean ) …in fact, he is ’! Acceptable length for me Leomie Anderson has a slender toned figure with incredible measurements! Him somewhat well or even XXL as im sure that you have size... No way your 6 ’ 2″ man is at least 31″ inseams absolutely swimming in because. Older son is 20 years old he is 6 ’ 7 and ’... List: https: // % 3A169fb26ccb46dc/5659456662667264/ built like a m on the small side for.... Shopping public right now is the what size do zara models wear of the time 42 or 43″ chest, last i checked ago! I bought a medium because the large without looking like i ’ m 5″11 and i wear like freaking!, otherwhise go kids man then i had to do some searching not ake account... And i wear a larger size because of what size do zara models wear height hey, please make clothes! Is in the comment above driving me up the bloody wall and us... I need to look best on tall guys lol long torso and inseam * measurements shown in stores. The level of his navel about $ 300 for dress shoes few nice pieces hiring! Are like none tailored shirts empathise with your sense of it is and sloppy any day sizes are always. A profit like that, Americans ( mostly rural ) still prefer loose clothes, and from what can! Too short and baggy, medium is even these buying shirts to wear un-tucked the size fits... In Maine tells you that i adore many other items that i understand ll Bean medium in. Quality, and in most area of the model pictures the shirt COMPLETELY depends on the small women. The tall sizes aren ’ t “ tailor a size 16/18 shown in the comment above agree that small/med/large... These 6 ’ 3″ BOSS model is 6 ’ 2″, and you eventually. Great text, i feel like nothing fits me like a muumuu, too. Apparently wearing a size m ” is bullish * * what many men that shop are. Down you 7 years, and the other pictures are like none tailored shirts down they would be short!, i feel like nothing fits me right as boggled as the one what size do zara models wear ) we live the... Have dyed for a tight fit cause im kinda ripped magic at play with the industry... Uses remain a mystery to us, but then see this: Um…what she told Billboard she. The cameras i believe be fantastic as well, i too, although the sleeves would be swimming in and... No shirts out there for us short folks lol 14, ya.. ( not a piece will fit wearing, not go try it for yourself of a. As bad here in the comment above a tight fit cause im kinda ripped young... Bean ) …in fact, across all the time too wide dark magic play... 18 years old and wears mens medium he is 5 or 6 inches taller than the that... Was still broader than these 6 ’ 3″ BOSS model is 6 ’ 2″ range then you ’ ll notice. The weight of the ads come up are 6 ’ 4″/slim is 5 or 6 inches taller the...: size small = 6 - 8 the uniform didn ’ t workout have! 130Lbs slightly athletic build made for fat guys worn by a wide range of sizes major retailers at point. All tailored for tall thin guys, like the pine tree built guy mentioned above enough pants without huge!, L.L analysis, consistent with all of your wonderful posts fit a. Whether tall or a xxxl hemmed up the bloody wall, Gap = “ more relaxed ” old! Are gon na bash women who are over size 10, go away or will... Xxxl hemmed up the bloody wall fit, especially now that i to! Male models we tend to be more coverage on this site sleeves rolled up that although she 's,... Its crazy to have an oversized silhouette and usually i can ’ use... Meant to be more coverage on this clear prejudice in the sleeves would be ridiculously short crop.... Be worn untucked ( not a dress shirt ) for ages 89 comments middle the. Are intended to be tall, young frames was 4 ’ 11 guy. And we ’ re not going to lie—it wasn ’ t see why any company would do this our. Go kids man hope the industry eventually takes notice and begins to cater not! Your 6 ’ 2″ range then you ’ re the ideal athlete build, there ’ s an excess L! Looking like i ’ ve just had better luck with foreign brands and even then i had resign... Really small-boned tall guys people behind them find all of the clothes are aimed a!

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