WhatsApp rolls out new features for iPhone, iPad users

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has rolled out an update for users of iOS, the mobile operating system that power's Apple's iPhones and iPads. The update, already available on WhatsApp for Android app, brings key features of Snapchat and Instagram Stories to the messaging app. The update version 2.16.12 allows iOS users to draw and add emojis to an image or a video.
iOS users can choose any image or video in their smartphone's library and doodle on it with different brush sizes and font styles, something that has been there on Snapchat and Instagram Stories for a while.
In addition, the WhatsApp for iOS update also lets group admins invite other people to join a group. All they need to do is to tap on the 'Group Invite link' in the group info section. Although the Android version also added support for front-facing flash and easy zooming in videos, the WhatsApp for iOS changelog does not mention these features so far. The updated app can be downloaded from App Store.
For those unaware, WhatsApp's recent update on Android also included ability to send multiple chats at once while sharing or forwarding messages.
Previously, the company had quietly rolled out an update which allows people to tag others in WhatsApp Groups. The new tagging feature means that users may no longer be able to mute notifications in Groups. For, even if a user has been tagged, he or she will still receive the Group's notification. To do this, users need to type-in @, following which the names of the group members pop up. With the update, WhatsApp has closed all ways to avoid annoying group notifications. The only way out is to either turn off app notifications completely or leave the group.

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