Tinder introduces 'Smart Photos' feature to help you match better

Popular dating app Tinder has launched a new feature called 'Smart Photos'. It's based on a newly developed algorithm that tracks users' photos as shown to others and then automatically reorders them based on others' swipe responses. Basically, Smart Photos notes each individual's swiping patterns and then selects which ones of a user's photos he/she will see first. This means that different people will see different images, depending upon their own swiping history. The new feature can be enabled by toggling it 'on' in the app settings. The company has claimed that its users witnessed a 12% increase in their matches, while doing a test run of the new algorithm.
The algorithm has been developed by Tinder's engineering team. As part of its research, Tinder found out that people who wear sunglasses in photos decrease their chances of a right swipe by almost 15%. Similarly, users who wear hats or caps receive 12% fewer right swipes than those who do not. On the other hand, users who smile in their photos increase their chances of receiving a right swipe by 14%.
Earlier this year, Tinder launched its Social feature. The new feature lets users create groups, meet others, chat and plan activities. Users can create a group by selecting 1-3 friends who have approved the request to opt-in. Members can assign a group status to the group from a list of mentioned activities like 'Going to a concert tonight,' 'Comedy night,' 'Sunday Funday' and others. It is worth mentioning that the conversation thread inside any group disappears at noon the following day. A user can only become a part of one group at a time. In addition, the group creator can choose to end the group, thus deleting the complete group along with the conversation thread. The group expires only after every member leaves it.

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