Dussehra goes high-tech with Ravana-themed apps

The youngsters these days wish to participate in the age old customs and traditions but in their own 'tech-way', as ahead of Dussehra, a number of apps and games featuring the demon king Ravana have become popular especially among the youth, who like playing on Ram's team or portraying him in virtual world and showing the demon-king Ravana his right place by beating him in the such games.
Among the most downloaded Android games are the "Ram vs Ravan shoot", downloaded fifty thousand times till date, "Ravan Mukti" (with the aim of the game to shoot Ravan's head by arrow such that all the 10 heads of Ravan should not be together by the end of the game) downloaded ten thousand times, "Archery-kill the Ravana" downloaded by over 1000 users and "Kill Ravan 2016" still picking up pace with over 50 downloads. Besides games, even other fun apps like "Talking Raavan The funny demon" have been downloaded by hundreds of users who are enjoying the character of "Raavan"- The main villain in the legendary Indian epic 'Ramayana' being spoofed and depicted in a comical fashion.
"I feel these Ravana themed games and apps are really a fun way to spend the festival sitting in the confines of your home with family or friends and celebrating the victory of good over evil. It also gives the very young kids an idea about the importance of such fests in the language which they most understand ie technology" said Suyash Bahuguna, a young working professional in Doon. Adding to which, he said, "Imagine in the Ram vs Ravan shoot, the game background and atmosphere is like that of Lanka forest and one merely has to shoot Ravan's head for four levels and shoot him at the final level to win, who wouldn't like playing such a game, especially on Dussehra?" Meanwhile, psychologists assert that as long as these Android games are not very aggressive, it does not seem to harm the kids and youngsters but they should be limited in usage such that they do not become an addiction.
Concurring which, Gurleen Bindra, a Doon based psychologist said, "To speak the truth, one must celebrate festivals the old way and leave their smartphones for a day and get outside their homes to enjoy the age old customs and traditions with dear ones. But if these games are played in limit, they can besides being fun for the kids also be quite informative and make them understand the context and importance and origin of the festival. As about the youngsters, using apps has already become rather than a usual trait an unavoidable one now. I myself love being on Ram's team and defeating Ravana at least on my mobile phone. It sends out a message that good always wins in the end. But yes, the usage of such technological apps should be limited in time."
Youngsters it seems are choosing to remain traditional but the smartphone way in 2016. Kartik Dutt, a school student said, "Me and my friends assemble and burn the effigy of Ravana in our colony on the Dussehra evening, but winning against Ravana on my mobile phone is a lot more fun."
Some youngsters confided that it is only because of their parents and elder ones, they are left with no option but to forcibly go out and participate in the customary Ravana effigy burning but they get more enjoyment in practising archery and beating Ravana on their smartphones on the occasion of Dussehra.
Dussehra - the day, when Rama killed Ravana and rescued his wife Sita is also known as Vijayadashmi. It doesn't seem to matter, if on the day, the way followed is by burning Ravana effigies or fighting on the phone screen against him, in the end, good will always prevail and win over the evil!

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