7 useful Android apps that work offline

Experienced this? Doing something important on your smartphone and suddenly the internet connectivity breaks. Wish there was a cure? Yes there is in the app world. There are many apps out there that you can use even when there?s no internet connectivity. Here are a few such apps that work offline.
Amazon Kindle: If you love to read, you wouldn?t want to be interrupted by a bad internet connection. And that?s where Amazon Kindle comes to your rescue. There are other e-book apps that work offline too, but our vote goes to Amazon Kindle because of the big library of e-books that it offers. Just download an e-book, save it to your device and read it with or without internet.
Google Drive : Google Drive lets you edit documents even without an internet connection. Among the leading cloud storage services available out there today, Google Drive also has the option to save files on your device. When there?s no internet connection, you can still work on these files. However, the changes are saved whenever connectivity is restored.
Pocket : Well, this one is obvious and a must-have for those who love reading articles online.Pocket lets you save web articles so that they can be read later. The best thing about Pocket is that the articles are fully saved so that they are available offline. So never get distracted at work by that amazing article, because you can always ?read it later.?
Google Translate : Probably the best app for language translation available today, Google Translate supports over 90 languages. Not all of its features are available offline, but some of them are. You can download languages to use them for offline translations. Google Translate also lets you save translations so they can be referred to again.
Google Maps : We can?t talk about offline apps without mentioning Google Maps. It?s something without which a lot of people can?t survive. Just go to the app?s settings and download full city maps with the ?Offline areas? option. You can then use the navigation in these areas offline. If you are worried about the downloaded map data eating up your device?s storage, you?d be happy to know that downloaded maps are deleted automatically after 30 days.
Kiwix : If you depend a lot on Wikipedia, you?re going to love this app. You can download articles from Wikipedia with Kiwix and then access them later even when there?s no internet.
Colour Note :If you have a tendency to note down things can?t do without to-do lists, Colour Note is for you. It works without internet and helps you create memos and lists for yourself. Although the app is very basic, we still found it to be useful. We also liked it because it is simple to use. You can pin the memos on your device?s homescreen, just like actual sticky notes can be pinned.

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