6 anti-virus apps to protect your smartphones

Just like computers, anti-virus apps have become almost essential for smartphones. Although the verdict is still out on how well they work, there's no denying that installing an anti-virus app provides a sense of satisfaction that the data on the device are safe from malware. Here are a list of six cool antivirus apps that promise to keep your smartphone secure.
360 Degree Scan : Antivirus Boost 360 Security is one of the most popular anti-virus apps out there. It includes many features, such as the ability to scan files on the device for malware and real-time protection. The app also includes an anti-theft feature that can help in locating lost devices.The app lock functionality makes it possible to protect other apps with passwords.
Heavy Duty Avast: Mobile Security comes from the house of Avast, a well-known name in the field of anti-virus applications. The app is quite popular among users and has over 100 million installs. It has features like in-depth device scanning, anti-theft functionality and the ability to remotely lock lost devices. Avast is quite a heavy app and it normally requires a device having 2GB (or more) RAM to work properly. Its 'Pro' version includes features like remote data recovery, geo-fencing, ad-detection and app locking.
Real-time Protection: AVG needs no introduction when it comes to anti-malware programmes, and its AntiVirus Security app is quite feature loaded. The app is lightweight and its major features include real-time protection and consistent virus definition database updates.There are also things like task killer, remote data wipe and more included into the mix. Users can even monitor battery, device and data usage from the app, and it includes call blocking as well.
All-in-one Solution: The app is an all-in-one solution for mobile security and protects your smartphone from all virus attacks. The app notifies the users about various threats such as malicious apps, theft or loss, and also websites designed to steal your information and money. Along with this, it also provides active protection against malware, spyware, and potentially risky apps.
The Shield:Despite being fairly new, Avira Antivirus Security has gained popularity amongst the users. It comes with all essential functions like malware scan, real-time protection and more. The app also incorporates some new features like Stage Fright Advisor, which help in shielding devices against specific vulnerabilities. Anti-theft, anti-privacy and blacklisting features provide further protection.
?Trust this...:Antivirus and Mobile Security by TrustGo is designed to protect devices from dangerous viruses and other malware. Like other anti-virus apps, it has basic functions like file scanning and real-time protection. There is also a privacy guard that helps users by showing how apps are using device per missions. Apart from these, the app offers secondary features like system manager, data backup and 'find my phone.'

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