Microsoft launches camera app Pix for iOS

Microsoft has launched a new camera app for iOS. Dubbed Pix, the app is intended to be a substitute for the iPhone's default camera app. The AI-capable Pix is equipped with video stabilization, face recognition and computational photography features. The app analyzes the scenes and automatically tweaks essential parameters like exposure, iSO, contrast and white balance, among other settings. When users tap the shutter button, Pix takes multiple images and analyzes them to find the best from the entire lot. Pix also has a feature similar to Apple's Live Photos, which combines a series of still shots captured in burst mode into a video. The app can also shoot time-lapse videos which are automatically stabilized for a smooth playback.
Recently, the hugely-popular Prisma photo-editing app was rolled out for all Android users. The photo-editing app was first launched on iOS and quickly became a rage because of its art-like filter effects. Users can simply click an image from their device's front or rear camera and choose the effects they want to apply. There are a total of 36 filters. However, applying filters on images for the first time might take about a minute. The intensity of the filter can also be controlled. Unlike most other photo-editing apps which simply overlap the filter effects on the existing images, Prisma creates the complete image from ground-up using its artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

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