Apple reveals why MacBook Pro isn't all 'touch-screen'

One big grouse that many have with the Apple's latest laptop -- MacBook Pro -- is that it is not 'all touch-screen', unlike the laptops from some top PC makers. Lenovo, HP, Dell and some others big PC makers already boasts of touch-screen laptops in their portfolio.
Apple bringing in the Touch Bar on its new MacBook Pros left many a wondering, why add a small touch bar when you can have a real touchscreen? However, Apple's lead designer Jony Ive believes that touchscreens on Mac are not particularly useful.
In an interview to CNET, Ive said that the team rejected the feature 'many, many years ago' because they didn't feel that it was 'the right place for that [MacBook].' "When we were exploring multitouch many, many years ago, we were trying to understand the appropriate application and opportunities for [it]. We just didn't feel that [the Mac] was the right place for that.... It wasn't particularly useful or an appropriate application of multitouch," Ive said.
When particularly asked why the touch-screen feature was ruled out in Macs and MacBookst, Ive said, "For a bunch of practical reasons. It's difficult to talk [laughs] without going into a lot of details that puts me starting to talk about things that we are working on. I don't really want to talk much more about it."
However, he also said that the new Touch Bar with integrated TouchID "just marks a beginning", signalling that the company is not ruling out the touch-screen option completely. According to a report in Wall Street Journal last month, Apple is working to replace its entire keyboard on MacBook laptops with a Kindle-like E-Ink display. This would make the entire area touch sensitive without any physical keys. Also, it could behave like the new Touch Bar, changing keys, layout and other buttons according to the app opened on the device. The technology is said to be made by an Australian startup Sonder Design.

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