MacBook Pro: Apple does away with iconic startup Chime sound

There's a change in Apple's new line of MacBook Pro notebooks. No, we aren't talking about the removal of MagSafe/USB Type-A ports and the glowing Apple logo. The tech firm has also removed the iconic Chime sound heard when the Mac is switched on.
First noticed by the website, the F-sharp startup sound was used in Apple computers ever since 1998. The new line of MacBook Pro laptops automatically power up when the lid is lifted unlike previous editions where users were required to turn it on by pushing the power button. The updated feature is found on all the three MacBook Pro variants launched last week. The laptops will also 'switch on' by themselves when connected to a power source as per the company.
Apple unveiled the MacBook Pro with Touch ID and Touch Bar at its October 26 'Hello Again' event. The all-metal unibody laptop comes in two variants based on screen size - 13.3-inch and 15.4-inch. Both are lighter and thinner (14.9mm and 15.5mm respectively) than their predecessors. While the 13-inch variant starts at Rs 1,55,900, the 15-inch version starts at Rs 2,05,900.
There is also an upgraded 13-inch version with Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM, and 256GB flash storage that starts at Rs 1,29,900. The particular model misses out on the Touch ID and Touch Bar features.
Running macOS Sierra, the upgraded MacBook Pro features an OLED strip called 'Touch Bar'. This is in line with what many rumours suggested. The strip serves as a secondary display and can show anything from emojis to navigation buttons relative to the context of the application that is active on the screen.

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