Here's why Apple, Microsoft used older Intel and Nvidia processors in MacBook Pro and Surface Studio

Earlier this month, both Apple and Microsoft expanded their laptops and PC portfolio. While Microsoft launched Surface Studio AIO boasting of modern design and Surface Dial, Apple introduced MacBook Pro laptop with Touch Bar and Touch ID.
Although both devices are the most powerful offerings from the two companies in their respective segments, the duo don't run on the latest-generation Intel processors. They run on 6th-generation Intel 'Skylake' processors instead of 7th Gen Intel 'Kaby Lake' processors. So, wonder why Apple and Microsoft have older-generation Intel processors powering their top-of-the-line devices.
According to Gizmodo, who carried the interviews of executives of both the companies recently, there seems to be valid reason behind this. According to an Apple executive, Intel's 'Kaby Lake' processors are being rolled out slowly and so are available in certain forms and wattages only. This means that the chipset is not made for all types of devices. Same reasoning is applied for Microsoft too.
In addition, when asked why Microsoft Surface Studio and updated Surface Book are still running on old Nvidia 900 series GPUs instead of newer Nvidia 1000 series, Microsoft executive said that the latter came out too late.
It has also been mentioned that both the companies started working on their devices even before Intel and Nvidia revealed their 'Kaby Lake' CPU and Nvidia 1000 Series GPU (based on Pascal architecture). Including the new CPU and GPU in the newly-launched PCs and laptops might have further delayed product cycle of the said devices. Also, including the new CPUs and GPUs would've increased 'quality testing' time of the devices.
It is worth mentioning that Intel started shipping its 7th-generation 'Kaby Lake' processors to OEMs in July this year and some laptops in the market from the companies like Dell, Lenovo, Razer and others sport these latest-generation processors.

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