Samsung wants its employees to learn from the Note 7 crisis

Samsung Electronics wants its employees to be more careful with their work. The South Korean Giant's Chief Executive Kwon Oh-hyun on Tuesday said, "We have a long history of overcoming crises."
Though the company head did not mention the Note 7 debacle in particular, the inference was pretty clear when he mentioned the word "crisis".
In a Thomson Reuters report the head is stated saying, "Let us use this crisis as a chance to make another leap by re-examining and thoroughly improving how we work, how we think about innovation and our perspective of our customers."
Samsung Electronics has been facing the heat of explosive Note 7s as they still haven't figured out the specific reason behind the failure of those handsets. The investigation, that was being focussed on batteries alone, has now expanded to other components of the smartphone.
The biggest recall in the history of modern technology and the eventual halting of productions is estimated to burn a $17 billion hole in Samsung's pocket. The company has registered the lowest earnings from the mobile division since the past eight years.

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