Google rolls out new spam and phishing filtering with Google Play

Google has rolled out an update for its Google Play Android app store. As per a blogpost on the Android Developers blog, posted by Google executives Kazushi Nagayama and Andrew Ahn, the new update is aimed at updating the app store's 'detection and filtering systems to combat app manipulation attempts'.
According to the executives, Google has been working hard for identifying and eradicating malicious apps. Its 'content discovery systems' ensure that users only download legitimate applications which they would use and share. But over a period of time, the 'systems' detect some of these applications as having reviews and ratings that seem to be fabricated. That's the problem that the new Play Store is aimed to address. With it, the company plans to filter apps trying to 'manipulate or alter its placement on Google Play'. Google has said that it may also remove such apps from the Play Store. The post further advises aspiring developers on how to market their apps. It says that developers should follow mandated policies while promoting their apps. Recently, Google-parent Alphabet bested analysts' estimates for third-quarter profit and revenue.
Propelled by strong advertising on mobile devices and video site YouTube, Alphabet's net income climbed 27% to $5.06 billion. Revenue jumped 20% to $22.45 billion, marking the search giant's seventh straight quarter of double-digit revenue growth. The company authorized a $7 billion repurchase of its Class C stock, pleasing investors who had been craving more after a $5 billion repurchase last year.
Google is competing fiercely with social network Facebook for dominance in the fast-growing mobile advertising market. Google chief executive office Sundar Pichai touted the company's gains in the space and was bullish about recent product launches such as the Google Assistant, Google Home smart speaker and refinements in the enterprise cloud business.

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Google has rolled out an update for its Google Play Android app store. As per a

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