Google?s new design for Chrome on Android will make one-handed use easy

Google might be testing a redesigned Chrome browser for Android smartphones that places search bar at the bottom. The move is aimed at users with big smartphone screens, allowing them to use Chrome with one hand. According to a report in Android Police, the feature is unfinished as the space where the search tab is ideally placed (top) is empty as of now. ?A new flag in Chrome Dev and Canary, only described as ?Chrome Home,? moves Chrome?s address bar to the bottom of the screen when enabled,? the report adds. In a screenshot put out by the site, we see controls including search tab, to add tabs as well as to switch tabs at the bottom.
While Microsoft has had browser controls for mobile versions of Internet Explorer and Edge for a couple of years now; Google might be on the verge of doing so pretty soon. Also, Safari for iOS has select select browser controls at the bottom such as switching tab, forward and backward. However, it looks like Google is only testing the feature for now and will roll out the same eventually for mobile users.
Google Chrome has been made 15 per cent faster on Windows. Google Chrome?s S?bastien Marchand, in a blogpost said, ?Starting in Chrome 53, Chrome has started using Microsoft?s Profile Guided Optimization (PGO) technology to make Chrome up to 15 per cent faster on Windows.? ? PGO uses data from runtime execution that track which functions are most common to guide optimization,? he added.

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