Microsoft 'My People' Feature Pins Your Close Contacts Directly to Windows 10 Taskbar

There are currently so many social platforms out there that sometimes it becomes extremely cumbersome to keep track of all of them. Most people use multiple social platforms to stay in touch with each other and it is often annoying to switch between the platforms. This is where Microsoft's 'My People' feature, which was launched on Wednesday, steps in. The 'My People' feature, which will be tagged along with company's 'Creators Update', will essentially give out message notifications to the user right from their desktop. It will further provide them with various platform options to reply from. It will further provide users with nifty little animations when emojis are sent to them by their contacts.
Users can easily share files with their contacts using My People by simply dragging and dropping the files onto the contact icon. These files will then be shared by either Skype or via mail. These emoji animations are being referred to as 'shoulder taps' by Microsoft. In the demonstration of this feature, Allison O'Mahoney - Principal Group Program Manager at Microsoft - showed how My People makes it easier to see the mails referred by your contacts and switch back to the conversation in a smooth and easy manner.
The entire concept behind the introduction of the My People feature is to remove the complications from conversations and provide users with messages from the people that matter the most, at the earliest. The feature works with email, SMS, and Skype. The support for Xbox Live and Skype for Business will be added later to the feature. The support for third-party applications is also expected to come later on.

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