OnePlus One OxygenOS 1.0.2 Update With Stagefright Patch Now Available

Several Android handset manufacturers have already released patches for Android's Stagefright vulnerability which allows attackers to take control of an Android device by sending a specially crafted media file delivered by an MMS message.
Joining the list of OEMs, OnePlus has now released the OxygenOS 1.0.2 update with patches for the recent Stagefright security exploit for the OnePlus One smartphone. The company on its official forum stresses that OnePlus One users should update to the newer OxygenOS version. "If you are currently using OxygenOS, I would highly recommend upgrading to this version for your own safety," wrote an administrator on the forum.
The company has also provided a detailed guide on how to install the OS for the first time for users who haven't yet updated to OxygenOS. OnePlus advises users' to backup all data on the device before flashing the update, though the update will not require a reset.
Last week, a security researcher discovered 'severe' problems with official Stagefright patch rolling out to Nexus devices. The researcher also claimed that the Stagefright Detector app released by Zimperium (the company that reported the issue initially) was unable to detect the flaw that remained after the patch, which just contained four lines of code. Google soon after the report went live confirmed the findings, and added that a second patch was already being pushed out. Google and Samsung have already announced they will offer a monthly security patch to their devices. LG and Motorola also joined to reveal Stagefright vulnerability patches. Repair and teardown experts iFixit last week published its report on reparability of the OnePlus 2 smartphone and declared that the device was relatively easy to repair.

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