OnePlus One Price Cut Not Planned for India, Says Co-Founder

OnePlus' self-proclaimed 2016 flagship killer, the OnePlus 2, finally went on sale on Tuesday. While most of the users might be under the impression that with the release of OnePlus 2, the company might drop the price of its previous 'One' handset, the OnePlus co-founder has clarified that the company for now has no plans to cut prices.
According to Carl Pei, OnePlus Co-Founder, the previous year's model would still be on sale for a 'few months' after the release of OnePlus 2. Pei was also quoted by the Indian Express to say "there's no planned OnePlus One price cut." The co-founder said by cutting the price of its last year's OnePlus One, the company would be "slapping [the firm's] early customers in the face", referring to those that bought the product at full price.
However, the option is not completely off the table as per Pei as he later added that the company would "only resort to it when we [the company] have no other choice." For those unaware, the OnePlus One started shipping in June last year. While the 64GB version (Sandstone Black) has been priced at Rs. 21,999, the 16GB (Silk White) version is priced at Rs. 18,999.
Last month the Chinese handset maker said it expects to sell one million units of its two devices - OnePlus One and OnePlus 2 - in the five months till year-end as it eyes a bigger play in the multi-billion Indian smartphone market.
The firm on Tuesday made its OnePlus 2 smartphone available to users with India-specific invites via Amazon. To note, only the 64GB variant of the OnePlus 2, priced at Rs. 24,999, has been made available for now, with the 16GB variant priced at Rs. 22,999 only due later this year.

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