Lenovo Z2 Plus review: High-end performance at an affordable price

Although launched a little late in the Indian market, the Lenovo ZUK Z1 was a very good deal (in terms of price and specs). Now the company has launched the next version of the smartphone called the Lenovo Z2 Plus. For India, the Chinese company has dropped the ZUK branding, hence the new name. In China it is still know as ZUK Z2. We got to play with the device for a few days and ran it through our test counter. Since we were quite impressed with the previous gen, we had high expectations from this Lenovo Z2 Plus. Here is our take of the smartphone.
Design and display
The two words that come to mind on seeing the Lenovo Z2 Plus are sleek and elegant. It's available in two colour variants - White and Black. Our review unit was the Black one. Lenovo Z2 Plus has quite a sophisticated design and comes with a glass back, along with an outer frame constructed out of fibreglass.

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