Dell teases Microsoft Surface Studio all-in-one PC's rival

Microsoft's all-new AIO PC, Surface Studio, is getting its first rival from Dell. Dell teased a similar-looking device in a teaser video during Adobe's Max conference in San Diego, US. The company has also confirmed that it will be unveiling the 'Surface Studio-like PC' at the CES tradeshow in January next year. Later in a tweet, the company announced that it will be launching the device at CES tradeshow in Las Vegas next year. "Envisioned in 2014, now catching the audience's eye at #adobeMAX: Join us at #CES2017 for the official announcement!" goes the tweet. The video shows the PC featuring two screens. It has designers navigating photo and video editing with two screens. This may also mean that the PC is targeted at professionals. The teaser video even shows a puck-shaped device similar to that of the Microsoft Surface Dial. The accessory is also shown working in the same manner. As mentioned in the tweet, Dell had the concept ready back in 2014 and even talked about it on its community website. The company called the PC Dell 'smart desk'.
"The Dell smart desk concept revolutionizes the productivity of digital artists, engineers, architects, and scientific analysts operating high-performance professional applications with the introduction of a new interactive zone," reads the company's November 2014 post. The post further added, "By combining interactive LCD touch screens with innovations in user experience in conjunction with participation from key Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partners and Dell Precision workstation performance, the Dell smart desk will change creative, design, and analysis workflows for the better while introducing a new, immersive way for professionals to interact with those demanding workflows." The company's November 2014 post also explains that the two screens will be paired with each other. The screens are said to support touch functionality as well.

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