Vinayak Chandrakant Javir to represent Pune in Dell Champs? 2016 finale

Technology solutions provider Dell India has announced the city level winner of 'Dell Champs - 2016', a 25 city student-outreach programme that emphasizes the role of the personal computer in the process of learning. The programme is in line with Dell's recently launched pan India PC for education initiative 'Dell Aarambh' which is founded on the concept that computers contribute to the all-round growth of a child especially in their developmental years. Dell Champs has been running successfully for 5 years consistently, and in this year, the contest is being extended for online participation to students across 20 additional cities, through online registration on the Dell Aarambh website. This quiz contest is being conducted in 2000 schools across 45 cities, for students studying in std V, VI and VII. This year's city level winner is Vinayak Chandrakant Javir and his brother Keyur Shah from Chetan Dattaji Gaikwad School, Pune who will go on to represent their city in the National finals to be held later in the month. There were 45 teams from 24 schools that participated in the contest from Pune. The "Dell Champs - 2016" programme features an interactive technology based quiz contest that provides a unique platform for parents to participate with their child and be a partner in their success. The competition is conducted in three levels with the first being the 'School level'. The winner of Dell Champs 2016 at the national level will get a scholarship of Rs 1 lakh and a Dell All-In-One PC. The Dell Champ 2016 first, second and third runners up will receive Dell Desktop, Dell TFT Monitor 24 inches and Dell TFT Monitor 19 inches respectively.

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