Here's how 5G will change your life

Qualcomm made news this week with its launch of a 5G modem, the Snapdragon X50. India is expected to commercially roll out 5G in 2020. But it's not just download speed that will change?
Will change how you watch sports Qualcomm has said the chip is likely to be on phones in South Korea in time for the 2018 Winter Olympics. So expect some super selfies from the ski jump. 5G could change the way you watch sports events since everything, from phones to stadium lights, can everything, from phones to stadium lights, can be connected to the internet. You could choose the best view in the stadium and have the game streamed straight to your house. It could also change the experience of fans as sensors in balls, goals and other equipment can transmit possible scenarios, player stats, real-time to phones.
Your driverless car will be faster, safer
Current mobile networks have digital response times of around 50 to 80 milliseconds (the time it takes for a web page to load on your smartphone), 5G hopes to reduce this to a mere millisecond. This means that driverless cars can communicate almost in real time to avoid potholes and jaywalking cows.
Cities will get smart In a 5G world, a smart city -an urban system where connected devices constantly send data that can be used for routine maintenance and service delivery -could be reality. City corporations could be updated about that abraded road surface or fused streetlight... oh wait, your city will be so smart, the streetlight will warn the corporation that it's going to conk out in so many hours. But we'd probably still need to figure out a way to get that slothful corporation employee to actually change the light bulb.
You can rely on remote doctors.
Augmented reality and virtual reality is currently used mainly for gaming, but with 5G, there will be more real-world applications. For instance, 5G networks can help doctors diagnose, treat and monitor health across distance. Robotic surgery will also take a leap forward.
Hello video chat As download speeds increase, we can have new forms of social media that are entirely dependent on video. Video will make up 80% of content shared in future, say most studies.

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