IBM unveils new workload management software

IBM has expanded its portfolio of software-defined infrastructure solutions with cognitive features. The new intelligent resource and workload management software is called IBM Spectrum Computing.
Spectrum Computing is designed to make it easier for organizations to extract full value from data to accelerate performance-intensive analytics or machine learning. The technology can be used across industries. The platform offers new cognitive and resource-aware scheduling policies that help increase the utilization of existing computing resources.
IBM Spectrum Computing assists organizations with consolidating data center infrastructure and sharing resources across on-premise, cloud or hybrid environments. It includes three new software products.
It works with cloud applications and open source frameworks and simplifies the adoption of Apache Spark, an open source big data analytics framework, while delivering up to 60% faster analytical results.
The platform was developed over two years through the collaboration of IBM developers and clients focused on accelerating next-generation analytics. The software manages multiple applications at one time ensuring allocation of resources to achieve faster results.
"IBM Spectrum LSF helps us achieve excellent performance for our most demanding computing and data intensive applications. We can get more accomplished with fewer resources, reducing infrastructure and administration, and speeding new race car designs," said Matt Cadieux, CIO, Red Bull Racing.

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