The busy hands will know that it is a good thing to have your tools handy at all times. How To Install A BedTred Bed Liner. You'll find a detailed procedure, along with precautions and pro tips about how to paint bed liner and how to help you get the job done safely and efficiently. Here, you have to make sure you tighten your bolts and nuts together. In all cases where the toolbox fits within the bed area, check whether a bed rug or plastic bed liner has any impact. Most of these trucks come with holes just in case you want to add a toolbox, and if you have them, the first priority is fitting the box with the hole. If you want to save your toolbox from scratch, then make use of rubber or foam padding which you can keep on your truck rails. Step 2 - Position the liner in the bed. If it is a one piece, simply drop it in place. This helps to prevent wear and tear to both the truck bed and the box. We can effectively line heated and non-heated beds. [Cutting Rubber Truck Bed Mat] Among all truck bed protection option, truck bed mats are the cheapest and also easy to install. All Super-Slide® plastic dump trailer and semi-truck bed liners are non-stick, self-lubricating, and seamless. TechLiner is a custom-fit pickup truck bed and tailgate liner that protects and shields the truck bed against scratches, dents, paint damage and rust. So before moving ahead for the installation of the truck toolbox, make sure that you do prior planning regarding where you are going to fit the toolbox in your transport truck. For multiple panels, you will … usually right in the bed of the truck/up towards the cab. If you are aware of the benefits of truck tool box with the bed liner, then you must be thinking about the installation of the same. Learn how your comment data is processed. 5 years ago. Copyright © 2021 | is an Amazon Associates member of the program given on I love to learn about new things, technologies, gadgets and much more. Choose a liner that covers the entire unit. Many times people decide on to fix truck boxes behind the cab. If you have a bed liner in place, you can skip this step. In this post, we will be showing you the essential tools you will need to use without having to drill a hole, and the processes involved to help you come out with a fine finish. Auto-lift struts are a very useful addition, so you don’t have to lift the lid or hold it with … In the pre-drilled holes, you should move in the rubber j-bolt plugs. SellaBand is a member of the Amazon associate program. At the front of your truck bed, adjust the top of the rail flush with the top of the box and hold it there with assistance of another person or a spring clamp. In the event that you purchase through our picked joins, we may gain a member commission. Here I will make you acquainted with how to install a truck toolbox so that you can efficiently carry your transport task. It is designed to fit into a standard 72" UWS Secure Lock truck tool box and attaches with velcro stripping (velcro hook strips #UWS-HOOK60 sold separately). This will save you from future problems and you don’t have to worry about any vibration. Part 4 of 4: Installing a cap/cover on a truck bed. Every process requires systematic planning. There are different brands and types, you can get the best brands after finding out the different brands. Use foam material to protect the bottom so that your toolbox in the bed rails remain secure. As one of the most popular kinds of truck tool boxes, crossover tool boxes are a versatile, convenient option for personal and industrial applications. Lv 4. Open the tool box to expose the interior. Only exert the necessary amount of force required to have the job done neatly. To install a tonneau cover, follow these steps: Attach the rails of your cover to the truck’s bed. How to Install a Truck Bed Storage System. 88 Photo 2/26 | The BedRug liner ships rolled up in one large box. Enter the rubber j-bolt plugs into the pre-drilled holes, if they’re not already there.

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